Traffic: For me, Lululemon advertisements are constantly coming up in sidebars of other webpages. Mostly because I’m visiting the site on a regular basis to stay up to date with new trends. With that said, for someone who isn’t familiar with the brand, they may not be so inclined to directly contact the site. Another key thing to consider is that yoga is definitely a niche market, meaning when you’re involved in the yoga community more often than not you will know of Lululemon. I think because of their high brand-recognition for those in the market they do bring high traffic to their site. One thing I wanted to try out was to see how high Lulu ranks on a Google search. So, I searched ‘new yoga mat’ into Google and to my surprise, the first organic site to show up was Manduka, the first paid advertisement was Lulu but this may be because I was on the site at the time as well.

Conversion: Continuing on my search for a new yoga mat, I find myself on the homepage of Lululemon. If I click on the paid advertisement it brings me directly to a page with yoga mats, blocks, straps and towels. So, I find a nice matte black one that’s just what I’m looking for. When trying to checkout, I hit ‘express checkout’ but am disappointed to find that I have to make an account. This for me, turns into a whole process that I don’t want to deal with right now therefore I would leave the page. In my opinion, if a site is going to have ‘express checkout’ than I should be able to check out immediately without further steps. I will say that when you do add the item to your car, you’re able to check out as a guest but it requires more clicking which in my opinion will lose many customers.

Revenue Maximization: On the details page, they have customer reviews, products you make like, care instructions, what it’s made of and why Lulu made this product different. In my experience with Lulu, they carefully analyze the reviews in order to ensure quality products. Another key aspect of their review section is that they have the reviews divided by rating, athletic type, age and body type to ensure the review will suite you best. If a product receives multiple negative reviews about pilling or tearing in the clothes, they offer customers a brand new pair. Another thing that I think is very important is that Lululemon in the store, offers free alterations and free removal of pills.

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