For this assignment I chose to analyze a company that I have already been receiving emails from, Patagonia. Patagonia is one company in particular whose values are similar to mine (they also are one of the few companies who stick to their mission). The brand focuses on fair labor practices, being eco-friendly and socially responsible; all of these factors are a little tricky to control but somehow they’ve managed to be successful. I’ve been receiving their emails for roughly 4 months and RARELY ever click on the links because I’m not very interested in purchasing anything right now. I receive emails from Patagonia roughly 2-3 a week more or less they’re promoting exclusive deals or ways that they are changing production in order to be more responsible. I would say that I open them 25% of the time not for purchasing but more so to see what they’ve improved or how they’re changing the retail industry.

For this assignment I chose to focus on my latest email that reads “the lighter variety of favorites.” This email was enticing because the subject hints that these are clothes or products that I have not seen. The first line when opening the email is “free shipping on all orders over $75” which is interesting because as some of you may know it’s VERY easy to spend over $75 at Patagonia because everything is of high quality. The email follows by promoting Women’s Sportswear and different spring attire that may appeal to me. It’s clear from analyzing the email that it was sent to a segment rather than to the entire database. Because of the specificity of the email and the content that it leads me to on the website it’s clear that it’s targeted towards women who are interested in purchasing sports-wear; therefore this email would not make sense if sent to a male or someone who isn’t interested in athletic clothes. The clothes that are actually shown in the email are not clothes that I would have picked out or buy therefore I don’t think that Patagonia did a good job distributing the email. With that, I do think they did a good job sticking to their mission within their email. Meaning, in each sub-section where they promote sportswear/spring clothes there is a small blurb stating how it relates to Fair Trade or recycled material. I think for next time Patagonia should use my past purchases as well as cookies to analyze what products may appeal to me. Along with this I think it’s important to continue to promote the ways their brand differs from competing brands such as Lulu or North Face. When I do decide to open their emails it’s because I like to read the small blurbs they have that are also on their blog, without the emails I probably wouldn’t go read their blog. Therefore I think it’s important to keep promoting that but ALSO it’s REALLY important to promote products that appeal to the consumer you are trying to reach. Clearly this email wasn’t successful because I didn’t purchase anything, I didn’t even go to their website through the email. Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 2.36.32 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-03 at 2.36.46 PM



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