Hello, it’s me!!!!


Hello ladies and gentlemen, Small Sam here. I want to begin by discussing the ridiculousness that is last nights Super Bowl; believe it or not the Patriots took the W. The game seemed to be going in favor of the Falcons but to most peoples disbelief the Patriots made a huge come back in the final quarter. Anyway, let’s get started on the initiation of my first blog. First, I wanted to answer a few questions for the audience.
What is this?: A brief blog thats purpose is for class but will be used for a writing outlet. Along with this, my goal is to keep the family updated with relevant things going on in my life.

About what?: A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Because of the intentions of the blog, and because of the viewers (hi Grandma), everything will be PG; mainly focusing on yoga, school and friends. With that, I will be asked to do a few course related posts about marketing.

What class?: The class that assigned this is called digital marketing; the course focuses on how the advances in technology have altered the marketing world. As a college senior, it’s important that I’m able to stay current and creative with my thought process. Employers are searching for new ideas that are innovative and unique, especially in the marketing industry. Since we’re discussing marketing and the Super Bowl, might as well show you guys my favorite ad from yesterday’s game. Honda’s Yearbook Ad: In my opinion, this ad was creative and unique from other ads that played (also my family has a Honda CRV so I’m biased).