SEO for Yoga

One of the most important factors when running a site or a business via the internet is SEO (search engine optimization). Just a brief summary for those who aren’t too sure what I’m talking about here. Basically the point is to get people to actually type in your website to their browser therefore increasing the traffic on the website. This can be done through the relevance of your site to what someone is looking for meaning the URL, title tag, header tag, content etc. There are other factors that are considered that are not actually on your site like trust, shares, likes or  even links from other sites. These aspects are all key to SEO and bringing customers or viewers to the site.

Now, for this site it’s a little trickier because I’m not selling anything. With that I’d have to draw viewers in with the content of my blog; this can be done through ensuring high quality and engaging material. One aspect that is important to note is the research and words used within the blog. Meaning, is the material accurate? Have I done the proper research to adequately discuss yoga products? In regards to words, the only way someone will be able to find my site through a paid search ad or non organically is if I’m using the ‘right’ words throughout the blog. This means that I have talking about yoga, Lululemon, meditation, or other aspects that may pertain to the topic in order to become relevant. There are ways to make certain words more important also! Depending on where a word is placed on the page, either the header, URL or content the importance also changes. To put it simply, the larger a word is on the page and the more frequently this word appears, the more important this word becomes.

One aspect of Google AdWords that I thought to be super interesting was that when users are searching for yoga sites, they are frequently searching for ‘yoga classes near me.’ Now, if I wanted to utilize this search I could discuss the different yoga studios I have been to in order to help users find the right studio for them. Another top search is simply ‘yoga information,’ if I tagged these into my blog or made a specific post about either topic I would be able to increase my SEO.

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